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For our partners ... Cutting-edge small group offering.
ViPR Workout will enable you to offer a very unique, athletic based program for small group training. The workout is based on the revolutionary exercise science of Loaded Movement Training to ensure you are on the cutting edge of training trends. The ViPR equipment gives the workout a distinctive and authentic look and feel to appeal to a broad audience. The 30-minute design and the versatile location options make it easy to schedule ViPR Workout as often as needed.

For participants … Train the way your body moves.
ViPR Workout is perfect for new exercisers wanting to build a foundation for healthy movement or athletes needing a competitive edge. The workout focuses on muscles working together to create movement, from your nose to your toes. ViPR Workout is full-body movement with load that will enhance your Vitality, Performance, and Reconditioning. The dynamic music creates a motivating and inspiring atmosphere to give you a one of a kind experience. More info

ViPR Workout OCT 16

ViPR Workout JUL 16

ViPR Workout APR 16 

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