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Owner: sell and service more members.
Your success depends on how well you service your members. Raving fan members visit more often, stay longer, and bring friends. Our systems will make group fitness one of your most valuable assets, servicing at least half your members.


General Manager:  build a sales machine.
Working with thousands of owners, general managers, and sales managers to build a highly effective sales system, our programs and marketing resources will help your team sell more, service more, and keep more members than ever before.


Group Fitness Director: deliver a great experience.

Our trainings will prepare your team to deliver a safe, enjoyable, and results-driven experience. We spend hundreds of hours in program development to create the most professional and highest quality programs in the industry to ensure that you can build a great schedule, pack your rooms, and get more people moving!

MOSSA is a group fitness system designed to assist you in becoming your market leader by gaining a major competitive advantage through servicing at least 50% of your members in group fitness.

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Expert Management Coaching


Always a Management Consultant here to help you!


You will have a dedicated, full-time, MOSSA Coach to ensure that our systems are working for you – Program & Training to help build a great team and increase participation and retention, and Sales & Marketing to increase guest traffic, referrals, and new membership sales. Our Coaches work closely with our customers to provide tools and resources to assist in room design, steps to scheduling, recruitment strategies, marketing game plans, team assessments, social media timelines, continuing education opportunities, and sales and referral resources.

Management eSource


Professional Online Resources


MOSSA Management eSource is a key component of the Program & Training, Sales & Marketing, and Management Systems. It’s your online library of marketing and management resources and tools that will enable you to reach 50% group fitness participation, sell more, and keep more members. Your MOSSA Coach will support you using the resources to achieve your goals!

Sales & Marketing System


Resources to Increase Participation and Sell Memberships

We are an Ad Agency working for you, creating emotive, exciting campaigns to get new members and grow participation. We supply extensive internal and external marketing resources to create awareness with each campaign through direct mail, email, web, social media, and point of purchase marketing.


We have partnered with Microsoft Xbox One and launched the MOSSA Xbox Fitness Promotion to millions of Xbox One users, driving them to you as potential members.

Program & Training System


Deliver the Highest Quality Experience to Your Members

We provide nine branded group fitness programs carefully designed and thoroughly tested to ensure your instructor team is delivering an enjoyable, effective, and social exercise experience. The MOSSA programs are created with purpose to appeal to the largest audience possible to help you attract, connect, service, and keep more members.

Experience in the Industry


Our History to Help You Get People Moving


With nearly 40 years in the fitness industry, our group fitness system is built from experience. From owning and operating clubs in the 70’s and 80’s, inventing The Original STEP and launching the step fitness craze in 1989, and bringing pre-choreographed programs to the US and Canada in 1997 to developing the highest quality and most comprehensive group fitness system in 2005, everything we do today is to help you build a better business and inspire people to move!

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