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MOSSA is excited to offer new online trainings that give instructors a
professional, engaging, and convenient experience!

Build your team
Online trainings offer a quick and convenient way to grow your team of instructors. Expand your list of instructors while maintaining high standards of excellence among the team. Online trainings are a great way to support the growth of your programs!
Train on your time
Online training gives you the convenience you need to watch courses on your own time. You can complete the training modules on your computer, tablet, or smartphone. Finish the training on your own schedule, with as much speed or time as you need.
Get the live experience
Instructors taking the online training get to “sit in” on a live training. After three years of development and testing, MOSSA determined that the most effective online training mirrors the live training experience. Instructors who enroll in online training view each module as if they were part of a live training for that program.

"The online training experience was even better than I had anticipated! I loved that an in-person training experience was videotaped so we could see exactly what participants were doing and train right alongside them."

“I really liked the online format, especially the ability to replay the videos as necessary. I will definitely refer to this content again as I prepare for assessment."

"Online trainings are an excellent way for clubs in smaller and more remote locations to grow and evolve.”

“The online training was a GREAT option for me as I couldn’t travel or take a weekend off of work for it. Thank you for this option. Being able to do it at my own pace before and after work and being able to rewind when needed when I missed something. THANK YOU MOSSA!”


What is the online training experience like?
MOSSA online trainings are self-paced learning courses where instructors complete coursework on their own schedule using a computer, smartphone, or tablet. The course includes videos, practice teaching homework, and quizzes to check learning.


Which programs are offered through online training?
We currently offer online trainings for Group Active, Group Blast, Group Centergy, Group Core, Group Fight, Group Groove, Group Ride & R30.

Am I eligible to take online training?
To be eligible for online training, you must have already completed a live MOSSA training (and passed assessment) for another program.

Does my facility qualify for online training?
To qualify for online training, your facility must currently run at least two (2) MOSSA programs, including the program for which you wish to enroll in online training.

Do I have to submit an assessment video?
Yes. When online training is complete, instructors are required to pass video assessment just like live MOSSA trainings.


Will I get continuing education credits (CECs) for online training?
Yes. Instructors will received a certificate for ACE, AFAA, canfitpro and Fitness Australia credits upon completion of online training (before assessment).

How do I register?
In order to register, instructors must receive approval from their group fitness manager. Additionally, the instructor’s facility must be approved for online trainings.

How does my fitness facility sign up to offer online trainings to our instructors?
If you are a group fitness manager, simply email your MOSSA Business Coach and tell them you would like for your instructors to be able to complete online trainings. You will need to designate a Program Mentor for each online training and have them fill out the form below.

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