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Description: Group Core is a 30-minute athletic and functional core strength workout.

Clubs ... Offer latest training craze to the masses. Group Core’s sports training approach will pull new people to group fitness such as males and younger participants. It’s great for those seeking a quick, athletic, and intense workout that can be customized for all fitness levels. Group Core will also help feed members into small group training because of its training design.

Presenter: Cathy Spencer-Browning, VP of Training & Programming

Video: 10 minutes 12 seconds

Group Fight OCT16

Monster workout with lots of grit and attitude!
Wicked Kicks combinations!
Speed punches gave us shoulders to die for!
Final cardio peak was a Sweat Fest!

Group Fight JUL 16

Sweat like an athlete, look like a fighter!
Can’t get enough of the spinning back kick!
Med ball throw right out of the gates!
Loved the reverse sprawl!!!

Group Fight APR16

Superman Punch is a crowd pleaser.
Plyos + Sprawls = Sweaty Smiles.
Speed bag aka ripped, defined shoulders!
Adrenaline rush from start to finish.

To arrange a MOSSA demo at your facility click here
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