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Description: R30 is a 30-minute inspiring cardio cycling workout.

Clubs ... Guarantees success for your new member. R30 is the ideal place to start your new members on their fitness journey – they will enjoy the experience, feel immediately successful, and want to come back for more. It breaks down the barriers to exercise, with a workable class length, achievable pace, and encouraging coaching style. R30 will also become a strong feeder into Group Ride as male and female participants grow fitter and more confident.

Presenter: Cathy Spencer-Browning, VP of Training & Programming

Video: 15 minutes

Group R30 JUL16

The most ‘talked-about’ R30 workout yet!
Great energy from start to finish!
TNT gave us dynamite leg training!
Rush Sweat Factor: 10+!

Group R30 APR16

Physically challenging and musically fun!
Surge got the heart rate UP, UP, UP!
Endurance made my legs and quads sing!
Just 30 minutes but worth every second!

Group R30 JAN16

Can’t wait to do it again.
We like it LOUD!
Power had our legs rockin’.
Rush had the room on Fire!

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