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The heart and soul of all MOSSA program experiences is the instructor. Their commitment, spirit, and passion to get more people moving bring MOSSA programs to life! 


Our Program Development Teams are committed to creating the highest quality programs for you, your clubs,

and your members. 

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The heart and soul of all MOSSA program experiences is the instructor. Their commitment, spirit and passion to get more people moving brings MOSSA programmes to life! 

MOSSA supports each instructor with Programme Initial Trainings, on-going education via Programme Intensives, MOSSA Supers, quarterly DVD Education, Workshops and Resources that include a CD and comprehensive notes for each programme. 

We also work diligently with club management to support the instructor team, so together we can get more people moving. 


To become an instructor you will need to:


Identify a club delivering (or intending to deliver) the programmes - we can help you with this.


Select and complete the Initial Training module or required transition training (if you are already teaching a specific pre-choreographed class with another organisation).


Submit a certification video of you teaching the program in a live class setting within 90 days of completing your Initial Training (no video required if you are transitioning) for Assessment. You can monitor progress and live assessor feedback on line. Your Certification documentation will then be automatically delivered to you. And then ... enjoy.


To become a MOSSA instructor, contact, call (02) 6281 7521 or complete the Contact us section below and we will call or email you.

Become an Instructor

Are you a Newbie to the industry?

Click the image below to start your new group fitness career with our online course.

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Congratulations on completing your initial training with MOSSA. You now have the opportunity to display all of your skills in a class situation.  As you prepare to submit your assessment, please complete the following:


1. Submit a DVD, USB or Youtube Link of yourself teaching an entire class in front of at least 5 people


2. Set up the camera to face you at a slight angle so that your movements can be clearly seen. Confirm that your voice and music are each clearly audible. The camera must run from the beginning to the end of the class without stopping.


Preparing Your Video Using Windows XP:To import your video to your computer from your video camera, click here.To burn your video, use the DVD burning software that came with your computer (for example, Sonic DVDIt, MyDVD, neoDVD and others).

Preparing Your Video Using Windows Vista:Windows Vista comes with software that makes creating movies easy. The software is called MovieMaker and DVDMaker. For instructions on how to import your video to your computer from your video camera and burn a DVD, click here.

Preparing Your Video Using Mac OS x:Mac OS X comes with software that makes creating movies easy. The software is called iMovie and iDVD. For instructions on how to import your video to your computer from your video camera and burn a DVD, click here.

Don’t forget to test your DVDs before your submission by playing it in a DVD Player.




What You Need To Know About Assessments


Evaluate yourself using the Self-Asssessment form found in your Instructor Workbook before mailing your DVD. Ensure you meet all the criteria listed. 


All aspects evaluated in assessment are shown on the program assessment form. You will receive one of the following results:


  • Competent– You have achieved the minimum qualification standards.


  • Not Yet Competent– You have not met the minimum qualification standards and must resubmit a new assessment(focussing on the assessment feedback) using the same release within 30 days of receiving your results. There are no additional fees to resubmit.


Once you pass assessment, there is no update required. Quarterly educational opportunities are optional and encouraged.


If you are unable to complete your assessment within 90 days of initial training: Stop teaching this MOSSA program immediately.


You may order one program release before receiving your assessment results. However, you must order this release within 90 days of initial training. Once you pass assessment, you will receive information on AutoShip and discount pricing.

To download your Assessment Cover Sheet, click HERE

Mail your DVD , Cover Sheet and Payment to:

MOSSA Australia
Attn: Assessment Department
PO Box 124

Narrabundah  ACT 2604

Thank you and good luck in your preparation.

We look forward to seeing you on screen soon.

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MOSSA offers automatic shipment (Autoship) on all program releases, and allows you to order back releases as well! Autoship ensures that you are up to date on all program innovations and education.
All instructors are required to be enrolled in Autoship in order to have “Active” status and be eligible to teach. Releases cannot be purchased without being on Autoship.
ACCESS  MONTHS                         LAUNCH MONTHS
MARCH                                            APRIL
JUNE                                                 JULY
SEPTEMBER                                    OCTOBER
DECEMBER                                      JANUARY
Program Releases include:
► Program Workout & Education
► Music
► Program Notes
► You must be a certified MOSSA instructor who is teaching at a licensed facility to join the Autoship Program.
► All instructors teaching MOSSA programs must be enrolled in Autoship for each program that they teach. You can only teach the MOSSA program in which you’ve just completed training at a facility licensed to run that program.
► Instructors may cancel their Autoship enrolment and re-enrol at any time. Instructors who are not currently enrolled in Autoship will have an “Inactive” status and will not be eligible to teach during that time and will not have access to releases subscribed to on the MOSSA Go app.
If cancellations and account changes are not received within 30 days of release access month , MOSSA is not responsible for incorrect supply of programs.
To ensure you receive your MOSSA emails, please add to your address book.



Click here to contact us to join the AUTOSHIP Program!

Download AUTOSHIP Ammendment Form



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