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Description: Group Ride is a thrilling cardio workout inspired by outdoor cycling. 

Clubs ... Everyone can ride a bike. Group Ride will become one of your largest servicing programs since everyone can ride and most need a simple way to cardio train. Because of its authentic and athletic design, it will also be a key asset in attracting men. Group Ride will be a very powerful tool to redirect traffic from your cardio equipment and get them into groups.

Presenter: Cathy Spencer-Browning, VP of Training & Programming

Video: 13 minutes 50 seconds

Group Ride OCT16

BAM! This workout is a giant butt-kicker!
Chase had me singing Hallelujah!
Power training is NO JOKE!
Killer programming. Killer results.

Group Ride JUL16

Nonstop from beginning to end!!
Inspired a class full of fist bumps!

Group Ride APR16

Race before climb is Iconic.
Loved climbing those Hollywood hills.
I became a Warrior.
Better bring your BEAST MODE!!!

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