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The Program & Training System 
ensures your team is delivering the highest quality and most memorable exercise experiences to help you attract, connect, and keep more members.

Owner ... build a better business.
The MOSSA programs are the highest quality programs to appeal to the widest audience possible – packing your rooms and enabling you to service at least 50% of your visits in Group Fitness. Service more, sell more, and keep more members.


General Manager ... build a sales machine.
The MOSSA programs create consistency in delivery and in the overall member experience – allowing your sales team to market that experience, attract new prospective members, create more guest traffic, increase referrals, and sell more memberships.


Group Fitness Director ... build the best team.
With hundreds of hours spent each quarter in program development, you can focus on building and developing a great team to deliver a great member experience. Our systems will help you grow and build a more loyal, more committed team.

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Music Designed For Exercise


Drives Motivation & Enjoyment

MOSSA music is unique as it is customized and engineered for the workout experience. An exclusive arrangement with the industry’s top music producer, SAIFAM, with 13 music production studios around the world, ensures the highest quality, emotive, and heart pounding music. Playlists include many of the most popular songs today complemented by chart-topping hits from the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s to appeal to the largest audience possible.

Helping You Build WOW! Teams


Tools to Recruit, Train, and Develop Instructors

Each MOSSA program has its own 3-day, 2-day, or 1-day training designed to motivate, encourage, challenge, and energize your instructors to deliver the best experience to your members. Having a Training System allows you to improve your current instructors, recruit new people, including current staff members, to the team, all with the goal of building an exclusive, diverse team to appeal to the most participants as possible. Your MOSSA Coach will help with recruitment “best practices” and a step-by-step MOSSA Game Plan after training to prepare your team for success!
Help Build Your WOW! Team

MOSSA Education


Video Resources to Educate and Inspire

MOSSA is dedicated to providing the highest quality, professionally delivered education and training for instructors, managers, and directors. In the quarterly Education Resources DVD, we provide Education Sessions to build on the Six Teaching Essentials of Initial Training. In addition, we provide release-specific education in the form of Teaching Targets to assist instructors in teaching and coaching the specific release. Depending on the topic, online exams and CEC’s are available at no additional cost. Watch MOSSA Education Videos

Quality Driven


Our Secret Formula

MOSSA is the most respected developer of professional, high-quality group fitness programs because of having the most comprehensive Program Development process, which includes an unsurpassed, methodical Testing Phase. Microsoft has recognized our commitment to engaging people and creating an exciting atmosphere that gets people moving and gets results. This is why we are the only health club vendor selected to be part of the new Xbox Fitness, only on Xbox One. This Program Development process is our legal trade secret…it’s our secret formula that packs your room and creates Raving Fans!

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