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The Science of MOSSA

QUALITY DRIVEN – Behind the MOSSA Programs

MOSSA has constructed a comprehensive Program Development process to ensure only the highest quality Group Fitness programs are delivered. This process involves facilities and instructors to ensure they have a voice in each and every program release.

Over 300 hours are invested in every program release, tested by instructors in various markets, culminating in 3,000 participants experiencing the program releases in over 150 test classes. The testers complete a thorough survey and participate in a conference call with the Program Developers and VP of Programming and Training to finalise the release. Valuable feedback is also gathered after facilities and instructors have launched the release to guide the future direction of each program. This testing phase guarantees the programming of music and exercise is motivational, safe and effective.

The entire process takes an average of 3 months.

Behind the MUSIC

The MOSSA Program Development work closely with SAIFAM (MOSSA’s exclusive music supplier) to engineer and customise the best music; tailored specifically to the programming to motivate participants in their workouts. In other words; MOSSA develop the release objective and programming first then create the music to enhance the workout experience.


All MOSSA Programs work off the principal of periodised training. Periodised training refers to purposely changing the stimulus imposed on the body when training. It’s a system of planned variation. The Program Development team work closely with a group of specialised Exercise Physiologists to ensure all MOSSA Programs are of the highest quality and periodised training is at the forefront of program development and release objective.

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