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Q. What is the AUTOSHIP Program? 
Sign up for the AUTOSHIP Program and we'll ship the latest Releases to you every quarter, as soon as they are available. NO NEED TO REORDER! 



Q. How do I enroll? 
There are two ways to enroll for the AUTOSHIP Program. You can either enroll online through the MOSSA  AUTOSHIP page, or call our MOSSA head office in Canberra on (02) 6281 7520. 

Q. Who is eligible for the AUTOSHIP Program? 
In order to be eligible for the AUTOSHIP Program, you must be a trained MOSSA Instructor who is teaching at a licensed facility. You must be trained in the Program that you are ordering. For example, In order to receive Group Power Releases, you must be a trained Group Power Instructor and teaching at a licensed facility. 


Q. When will it start? 
AUTOSHIP Release months are March, June, September and December. Depending on when you join the AUTOSHIP program, you may be required to complete a few payment installments to coincide with MOSSA billing and dispatch dates. 
New Releases will be delivered immediately once received from MOSSA USA. 


Q. Do I have to order each Release once I'm enrolled in the AUTOSHIP Program? 
Once you've enrolled in the AUTOSHIP Program, you will automatically receive new releases as soon as they are available. There is no need to reorder! 


Q. How much is the AUTOSHIP discount? 
AUTOSHIP subscribers receive the discount on new Program Releases and previous Program Releases for the MOSSA Program you receive via AUTOSHIP. Savings on Program Releases is based on the $59.50 regular price (AUTOSHIP price = $52.50). 


Q. Will I get discounts on older Program Releases? 
Yes. AUTOSHIP subscribers receive a discount on previous Releases of the MOSSA Program that they receive via AUTOSHIP. For example, if you are a Group Power and Group Ride Instructor who is only signed up for Group Power AUTOSHIP, your discount applies to Group Power Releases only. 


Q. Can I get releases of other programs even if I'm not trained? 
No. In order to enroll in AUTOSHIP for a particular MOSSA Program, you must be a trained MOSSA Instructor for that Program. 


Q. How will I get my receipt so I can be reimbursed by my facility? 
You will get a receipt every quarter when your AUTOSHIP package is shipped via email. Please retain this receipt for your records. You can also contact our admin through (02) 6281 7520. 


Q. What if I don't want every Release? 
AUTOSHIP Program subscribers receive every new Program Release. It is your responsibility to launch every new Release to your facility's members and guests. Your facility has committed to the MOSSA system that ensures each Program is “new” four times a year. 

As a MOSSA Instructor, you are strongly encouraged to thoroughly review every new Program Release. New Releases include general and Program-specific educational resources that continually up-skill instructors and maintain the quality and safety of Group Fitness in your facility. 


Q. What if I move or change my credit card? 
Simply download an AUTOSHIP Amendment Form. Simply indicate change of mailing/contact details, bank details or your intentions to cancel your AUTOSHIP subscription. 
To prevent declined billing with incorrect details please notify us as soon as possible by contacting the Head Office on (02) 6281 7520 or email


Q. How do I cancel my subscription to the AUTOSHIP Program? 
Cancellations can be done by completing the ‘AUTOSHIP Amendment Form’. Cancellations must be received in writing within 14 days of receiving the amendment form. Alternatively, contact the Head Office on (02) 6281 7520 or email 


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