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Work out Smarter with MOSSA™ Workouts - Only on Xbox Fitnes

MOSSA is excited to be selected Best-In-Class by Microsoft to provide workouts on Xbox One’s new online service, Xbox Fitness. Experience the MOSSA workouts with instant, personalized feedback, right in your home.


Optimize every workout with immediate feedback on your form, power, and heart rate with the all-new Kinect, featuring Muscle Mapping, Power Gauge, and Pulse. Plus, feed your motivation with social challenges.


MOSSA is the most respected developer of high quality, enjoyable group fitness workouts in the health club industry today. MOSSA formerly known as Body Training Systems in the US, has a long and storied history of inspiring millions of people to MOVE with health club ownership in the 70’s and 80’s, with the introduction of The STEP that launched the step aerobic craze in 1989, and with its nine group fitness programs today. Let's Move with MOSSA!




Get your FREE PASS - LET'S MOVE at a location Near You!

MOSSA supplies health clubs, gyms, and fitness centers the professional, live version of all the MOSSA Workouts. As you gain confidence and progress in your professional Xbox Fitness home workout, take advantage of a FREE PASS to participate in the professional club programs, such as Group Power, Group Core, Group Groove and Group Kick, at a location near you. The experience of a great room, live instruction, and the social dynamic of a group environment is very motivating and rewarding.


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