ViPR® Equipment 

ViPR® is one of the very few pieces of equipment that is truly versatile. It can be used for strength and power as well as rehabilitation, balance, agility and sports performance. ViPR® combines the utility of a Barbell, Dumbbell, Kettlebell, Medicine Ball, Stability Ball, Balance tools and speed ladders therefore increasing your exercise library using one tool. ViPR® can be used on any indoor floor surface as well as outdoors and in the water.


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ViPR® Weight Options 

A ViPR® is a piece of thick rubber tubing approximately one metre long. For ViPR Workout® there are a few different weight options:

4, 6, 8 kilograms (kg).

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**MOSSA Rebate**

ViPR Workout® is exclusive to MOSSA Australia. Facilities and individuals licensed for ViPR Workout® through MOSSA Australia receive a 5% rebate* on all ViPR® purchases. Use the form below.


4kg - $200.00 (with rebate) RRP: $210.00


6kg - $204.75(with rebate) RRP: $215.00


8kg - $232.70 (with rebate) RRP: $256.00


*Please note, RRP is applicable on all orders. Your MOSSA rebate is redeemed after completion of payment to PERFORM BETTER Australia and delivery.