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Instructor eSource

Instructor eSource is your online location where you will find your Continuing Education Credits (CECs) as well as your Educational Resources in the near future. The Educational Resource section will be topic specific for each of the programs. You will be able to find updated handouts to go in your Instructor Workbooks, Teaching Target topics, and various other resources to enhance your knowledge and understanding of delivering a WOW1 experience class.


How Do I Get Started?

If this is your first time using Instructor eSource, you will first need to Register with us on-line. It takes 30 seconds and you will have automatic access to it.

Instructor eSource will give you the following options:

• Take Exam to obtain FREE CECs
• Educational Resources
• Report Manager
• Sign out

How Do I Get My CECs?

This is a value-added feature that is included with the purchase of each of your quarterly releases!  All information needed to obtain your FREE CECs can be found on the Quarterly Educational DVD included in the Instructor Release Kit for each program.

Additional exam information:

• There is no time limit associated with taking the exam.
• You may change any of the answers you have selected before hitting the SUBMIT button.  Once you SUBMIT the exam, your answers cannot be changed.
• You are eligible to repeat the exam until you have passed.
• A passing score means 100% of the questions are answered correctly.
• Once you pass the exam, you will automatically receive an email letting you know you passed.
• To retrieve your certificate of completion, you will need to go to the Reports Manager button in Instructor eSource. There you will find a PDF of your certificate of completion for the exam you passed. You will need Acrobat Reader to print your certificate.
• A duplicate certificate of completion can be printed if needed. The date on the certificate will be the date you passed the exam, not the date you print the certificate.

Are you ready to take the exam?

Please click here to get started! GOOD LUCK!

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